We teach skills to help people become self-sufficient by sustaining sobriety, maintaining job responsibilities, and maintaining a healthy and safe community.

The Gearing Up program is designed to enhance the physical, emotional and social health of people in treatment for addiction, through biking. The ultimate goal is for participants to transition to the next phase of their recovery as healthy individuals and bicycle riders, who use bikes for exercise, recreation and transportation.

Gearing Up is a voluntary program offered to those enrolled in addiction treatment programs in the Philadelphia area. Bike rides are led by Gearing Up Ride Leaders and volunteers. As participants track their miles and meet milestones, they receive incentives such as water bottles, shirts, socks, and sweatshirts. Those who pedal 150 miles with Gearing Up earn their own bicycle (!)

Gearing Up staff and volunteers offer riders positive reinforcement, support, fun, time in the fresh air, and exercise. Participants learn invaluable life lessons in our program including: consistency with a regular schedule, persistence when climbing a hill, perseverance when returning for the next ride after a fall, etc. 

Gearing Up programming is currently on hiatus and will resume in Spring 2021 as a program of Women In Transition.